XDWC 2019
  • Each Map (aka. Round) will be played for 1 week (see Schedule) on special servers, which are going to run 24/7.
  • You do not need to register beforehand to take part in XDWC!
  • You automatically join the tournament by setting a time on one of the servers listed below.
  • You do not have to take part in every Round, you can join each Round seperately as you like it. However, you won't be able to submit a time for a round that has already passed.
  • Your best time in the server rankings will be your time for the Round. The time must be set on an official server (see the list here)! You can NOT run a map locally and submit a time.
  • Weapon projectiles may not affect any runs other than the one they were fired in. Violating this rule makes your run invalid.
  • By joining the tournament you agree that we store your username and your results in our databases.
  • Players who have disabled stats tracking are not eligible for the rankings.
  • We revised the scoring system to make it simpler: SCORE = 1000 * (time_of_the_fastest_competitor/your_time) * 0.988 ^ (pos - 1)

    The differences from the previous formula:

    1. The first multiplier (referred as c1 in the previous formula) gives additional boost for the winner of the round. Previosly winners got fixed 1000 points, now you can get points for every additional 0.01s you are ahead of the 2nd place! For the 2nd place and below this multiplier stays the same as before.

    2. We replaced complicated computation of c2 with an elegant exponential expression 0.988 ^ (pos - 1). This is easier to calculate and produces more smooth curve than the original "jumpy" method.


Dekry; Mirio; Morosophos; packer; sinety; SpiKe; -z-